VITALINK Community Support Services 

Community Support Services


Vitalink Community Support Services encompasses and promotes a partnership with individuals and their families to ensure they remain an integral part of the service delivery process while promoting autonomy, community inclusion and independence, as well as a sustainable networks in the community. 


Vitalink is a fully accreditated agency. We operate from the following guiding set of principles:

Client centred focus

Continuity of Care

Seamless transition of services

Ease and equitable access to services

Clients understanding of system

Trained and professional staff

Adequate support for staff

Information driven

Quality assurance

Ongoing evaluation and feedback

A sustainable system of services

An enhanced quality assurance on the individual level involving quality of live outcomes and proactive monitoring.  
We believe in the right services, in the best setting, in the most efficient and economical manner.
We believe in shared accountability.
We believe in the most appropriate service provider for the individual's needs. 

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